AED 303 Week 3 Reflection

As we finished our 3rd week into our LL ED block, we all learned more about the importance of incorporating art in our classrooms. This week was the beginning of our Reading Presentations, where groups have a topic and present it to the class as well as giving examples and sample activities for us to use and do. The first group basically elaborated on how art is an important aspect on any curriculum for any subject. Also that kids are more likely to attend schools if there are a variety amount of art programs. Today, January 26th, my group members, Lisa Marusco, Madeline Large, Alyssa Marie, and I presented our topic on how identity is important and how we can use it in art form. We presented how identity can affect teachers and students in classrooms because if we don’t know who we are as a person, then it can affect our teaching negatively. Also, if we are not confident as educators, then our students will be able to detect that and not be comfortable enough to engage in classroom activities. One thing we had our class do for an activity was making their own identity maps and ranking them by importance. To see our class actually enjoy this activity and concur to the idea that it would be a good classroom activity at the elementary level gave us a reassurance of our presentation.

Aside from the presentations, our professor showed us the different types of drawing as well as tools that kids can use to help them draw. I really found the grid to be a useful tool because it can break down a picture and in each 1×1 or however big the squares are, the kids will be able to draw whatever each square contains, little by little. Then later, they will be able to see the big picture. The grid is something that I would definitely apply in a future lesson.


Group 1 Reading Presentation Reflection – 1/24/12

For group 1’s presentation, we learned the main points they listed about how art is essential as a basic requirement in a curriculum in a classroom, how art influences students to think abstractly, and how children will more likely to attend school more often if there were many art programs. What I found useful that group 1 did was when they told us to draw anything that came into our minds. To shut our left brain down and use our right brains and not over think what we’re going to draw and question ourselves. It’s important to create an activity with children to see how they would act towards this assignment. They might not fully understand what it means to “shut off’ the right brain, but telling them to draw something and just keep continuing (with no eraser), putting limitations, we would get a sense of not over thinking. As a future teacher, I absorbed the fact that art is definitely needed in every subject so that we can connect creativity with academics. It’s important to engage not only our students with students but us with our students and show them that learning is fun and not boring. By letting our students free their creativity side, they would feel more secure and comfortable in a learning environment.

Week 2 Reflection AED303

Today was the 4th class of AED303 which ends my 2nd week of that class. Today seemed the most informative and compelling because I gathered more information about teaching and the arts more than I imagined. What interested me during today’s lesson was when our professor lectured us through her power point, which listed all different types of tips and directions in making lesson plans. At the beginning of the semester, she told us to be creative with our note taking in our sketchbooks, and since then the colors I used to incorporate in my note taking helped me to go back and be familiar with that topic. I used more of my sketchbook today because there were so many points that were important, I just couldn’t miss them. One thing that struck out to me was the “Big Idea” and used mermaids and pizza’s as our topic. It was intriguing to hear all different types of ideas my classmates used with two random topics put together. This showed me that as a teacher, it’s essential to know how to take two random ideas and be able to make a creative lesson to teach to their students. Sometimes it is easy to think of random ideas with random topics, but the hard part is, is to be creative and be sure that this will make your students want to learn and that they will get something out of it. Today’s class seemed a bit overwhelming, yet reassuring at the same time. I hope to learn more as the weeks go by and better myself as a future educator.

First Week – A ED 303

Last week was the first week of my second semester and my entry in our LL ED blocks. Being sick the first two days did not benefit me in any way, so it was a struggle to catch up, but once I did, everything began to be clear. Because I missed the first day of A ED 303, I was only able to attend the next class, but just from that one day, 2 hour session, I absorbed a lot. At first it was overwhelming seeing the amount of assignments we had to accomplish throughout our semester, but when our professor emphasized on the fact that it’s important to not be overwhelmed and take thing’s one at a time, gave me relief. Our professor connected with us not only at a teacher to student perspective, but as a mentor. It was comforting to see how she can relate to us because of her past as an education major. During class, we discussed the use of art in education and how important it is to show the education world that art plays a huge part. This one example our professor shared with us was about her colleague and how she dressed up as Marie Antoinette during social studies because it related to the topic they were learning. It gave me an idea to do that myself in the future. It’s creative, insightful, and engaging. Also, what child doesn’t enjoy seeing their teacher in a costume?

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