First Week – A ED 303

Last week was the first week of my second semester and my entry in our LL ED blocks. Being sick the first two days did not benefit me in any way, so it was a struggle to catch up, but once I did, everything began to be clear. Because I missed the first day of A ED 303, I was only able to attend the next class, but just from that one day, 2 hour session, I absorbed a lot. At first it was overwhelming seeing the amount of assignments we had to accomplish throughout our semester, but when our professor emphasized on the fact that it’s important to not be overwhelmed and take thing’s one at a time, gave me relief. Our professor connected with us not only at a teacher to student perspective, but as a mentor. It was comforting to see how she can relate to us because of her past as an education major. During class, we discussed the use of art in education and how important it is to show the education world that art plays a huge part. This one example our professor shared with us was about her colleague and how she dressed up as Marie Antoinette during social studies because it related to the topic they were learning. It gave me an idea to do that myself in the future. It’s creative, insightful, and engaging. Also, what child doesn’t enjoy seeing their teacher in a costume?


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