Week 2 Reflection AED303

Today was the 4th class of AED303 which ends my 2nd week of that class. Today seemed the most informative and compelling because I gathered more information about teaching and the arts more than I imagined. What interested me during today’s lesson was when our professor lectured us through her power point, which listed all different types of tips and directions in making lesson plans. At the beginning of the semester, she told us to be creative with our note taking in our sketchbooks, and since then the colors I used to incorporate in my note taking helped me to go back and be familiar with that topic. I used more of my sketchbook today because there were so many points that were important, I just couldn’t miss them. One thing that struck out to me was the “Big Idea” and used mermaids and pizza’s as our topic. It was intriguing to hear all different types of ideas my classmates used with two random topics put together. This showed me that as a teacher, it’s essential to know how to take two random ideas and be able to make a creative lesson to teach to their students. Sometimes it is easy to think of random ideas with random topics, but the hard part is, is to be creative and be sure that this will make your students want to learn and that they will get something out of it. Today’s class seemed a bit overwhelming, yet reassuring at the same time. I hope to learn more as the weeks go by and better myself as a future educator.


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