AED 303 Week 3 Reflection

As we finished our 3rd week into our LL ED block, we all learned more about the importance of incorporating art in our classrooms. This week was the beginning of our Reading Presentations, where groups have a topic and present it to the class as well as giving examples and sample activities for us to use and do. The first group basically elaborated on how art is an important aspect on any curriculum for any subject. Also that kids are more likely to attend schools if there are a variety amount of art programs. Today, January 26th, my group members, Lisa Marusco, Madeline Large, Alyssa Marie, and I presented our topic on how identity is important and how we can use it in art form. We presented how identity can affect teachers and students in classrooms because if we don’t know who we are as a person, then it can affect our teaching negatively. Also, if we are not confident as educators, then our students will be able to detect that and not be comfortable enough to engage in classroom activities. One thing we had our class do for an activity was making their own identity maps and ranking them by importance. To see our class actually enjoy this activity and concur to the idea that it would be a good classroom activity at the elementary level gave us a reassurance of our presentation.

Aside from the presentations, our professor showed us the different types of drawing as well as tools that kids can use to help them draw. I really found the grid to be a useful tool because it can break down a picture and in each 1×1 or however big the squares are, the kids will be able to draw whatever each square contains, little by little. Then later, they will be able to see the big picture. The grid is something that I would definitely apply in a future lesson.


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