Group 1 Reading Presentation Reflection – 1/24/12

For group 1’s presentation, we learned the main points they listed about how art is essential as a basic requirement in a curriculum in a classroom, how art influences students to think abstractly, and how children will more likely to attend school more often if there were many art programs. What I found useful that group 1 did was when they told us to draw anything that came into our minds. To shut our left brain down and use our right brains and not over think what we’re going to draw and question ourselves. It’s important to create an activity with children to see how they would act towards this assignment. They might not fully understand what it means to “shut off’ the right brain, but telling them to draw something and just keep continuing (with no eraser), putting limitations, we would get a sense of not over thinking. As a future teacher, I absorbed the fact that art is definitely needed in every subject so that we can connect creativity with academics. It’s important to engage not only our students with students but us with our students and show them that learning is fun and not boring. By letting our students free their creativity side, they would feel more secure and comfortable in a learning environment.


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