Week 4 Reflection

This week group 3 presented their reading presentation and the main points were:

1. Verbo-centric beliefs about the key elements within a story such as setting, mood, character, problem, solution, and ending, are not just solely established through the language of words.
2. Art needs to be more than a hook, an art based approach to writing should give a student concrete, hands on tools, for developing and expressing ideas.
3. Pictures serve as a universal language no matter what language one speaks.
4. The language of pictures provides a concrete and dynamic core language for thinking and developing ideas before any writing takes place. It nourishes the mind and enriches the thinking.

From their presentation, number 3 of their main ideas really struck out to me because it is true. With the different languages we have in the world, pictures is a language we all share. It’s a way of expressing ourself.

On a personal level, as a teacher, I will strive to have my students express through pictures whether by a camera or simply drawing them. It’s important to incorporate different ways of expression because everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.


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