Week 5 Reflection

This week, we discussed on Tuesday, about our upcoming Mini-lesson’s that are due the 26th and 28th. Our professor went over the layout of how our mini-lesson should look like as well as what other requirements we needed. It was very overwhelming to write down all the notes and just listen to what we needed to do because it just added on more stress for me and mostly everyone in our class. But, today, our professor took the time to discuss the workload we’ve been dealing with and wanted to comfort us. We discussed many ways to keep ourselves less stressed and some ideas were to be more organized, which led to other strategies in how to organize our daily workload. It was helpful in some ways, but personally, it just reminded me of how much I needed to do. Today group 5 presented and their presentation has to be my favorite so far. Because they couldn’t explain one of their main ideas, they created an activity about how we would want our ideal art studio to look like. This required our sketchbooks, magazines, scissors, and glue. We cut our pictures from the magazines and created a studio on our sketchbooks. This really reached into all of our inner childhood because collage type activities really engaged me personally as a student. Also, they acted as teachers and sat next to us and had conversations with us as we continued to work on our activity.


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