Week 6 Reflection

This week, on Tuesday, each and every one of our groups presented the idea of Art Assessment given the different parts we had to cover. My group covered the vocabulary, issues, and connections. What I’ve learned from the Art Assessment reading is that integrating art in a classroom can keep the creativity flowing as well as heightening our students ability in learning more and engaging more. Two groups covered an activity and the one that stood out was activity 1. That group had us use water color paint and paint something relating to Valentines Day by applying the different types of strokes we learned from Heather. It was extremely entertaining and brought out the elementary student in me and kept me focus and engaged. On Thursday, today, we all met up at the Palmer Museum on campus to get a tour of the paintings as well as advice and input from our instructor on how to address art discussions with our future students. Some points that she mentioned were how to make sure to pick paintings that are appropriate for our students, to make sure to mention the use of all art elements, ask questions that help them engage in the paintings, and see if they can relate the painting to themselves. I really enjoyed walking around the museum and glancing at the different types of art from different times throughout the years. Since I am older, I am more aware of the different messages the art pieces can convey as well as the history behind it and see how the art can send a message from what was occurring during that time.


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