Week 7 – 3 photos (Photography)

Today, February 21st, 2012, we learned about photography and the different elements that compose different types of photos. We learned about different perspectives of photos such as birds eye and eye level, different types of lighting and other reminders of what to know when taking photos.

These 3 photos are photos I took during our 20 minutes given to take pictures based on the different techniques we’ve learned. I chose to do reflection, birds eye, and diagonals.

 This photo, which is my favorite of the ones I took during the class time, is an example of a reflection photo where you see the window lock and it’s reflection as wel as the top of the window edges.

 This photo is an example of birds eye view where I took a photo from the 3rd photo in our art building and just simply tilted over to get that horizontal, flat, “flying” photo looking down.

 This photo is a mix of diagonal and zoom where we can’t really picture what the photo is at first, which is just the indent on the wall in our art building and the usage of the two lines, from this angle, is in an diagonal form to the point it seems like it’s expected to intersect towards the end when really they are both horizontal parallel lines on a wall.


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