Week 8 Reflection

This week, we only had one class, which was today February 28th. It was the day where the rest of us in LL ED Block Section 2, finished up our mini-lesson presentations. I was one of them. As I was watching my classmates, who presented before I did, I realized that each and every one of them had the potential to be a great teacher because all their lesson plans were creative and well-thought out, in my opinion. I personally felt intimidated because my activity wasn’t as extravagant as most of my classmates. But, as presentations went on, I told myself that I should be proud of what I came up with. Despite the simplicity, I was proud of the meaning behind it and what I would plan to do with it with my future students. The last couple weeks of AED303 were challenging, but I felt that our block grew closer and closer. I hope to continue to surpass my expectations as well as challenges throughout this block, only to know that I can overcome anything I set my mind to.


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