Week 11 Reflection

Last week was our 11th week into our semester and we only had one class which was on Tuesday. Our professor gave us the following Thursday and Tuesday out of class time to work on our videos with our group. My group and I met up on Thursday and began to film and luckily finished everything that day. From our costumes to our lines, it was a great experience to go through. We all enjoyed every part of it and worked hard to make our characters come to life. Beforehand, we made sure that we had our lines set and our costumes ready so we wouldn’t have to delay our filming to a later day. There were some challenges where the camera had only one position in the one-button room so we had to adjust everything so everything could be seen in the camera’s eye. Unfortunately, you can’t see us from the waist below, which was not too important, but it would’ve been nice to see our whole costume. This project wasn’t as difficult to do as I had expected. Our group was organized and set times to film during our free time which made everything a lot more convenient.


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