Week 14 Reflection

This week we began our weblog presentations and our professor determined who would go when by drawing numbers, corresponding to our conference numbers, from a can. Fourteen, and was the 14th person to go, of us went and I thought all of our webquests were successful minus some of the small mistakes some of us made, but could be fixed in a snap. I was really proud for each any every one of us because we all knew and still are aware of the stress and the amount of effort we put into our webquests. Just thinking back the last two weeks working on it, I remember being completely confused where to start and what would be a good big idea to present to a class of young students. When I first started to edit my webquest on Wix, it was difficult because Wix had the tendency to lag a lot when moving things around and especially in typing. I had to organize everything on my text-edit to type fluently and just copy and paste it into my webquest. When I got up and was my turn to present, all the nervousness went away and being the last person picked to go was pure luck for me. I had the feeling of not minding to go Thursday, but at the same time I just wanted to get it over with. I’m proud that I have accomplished something that I thought I would never have ever done, especially as a future teacher, but it just added onto my list of accomplishments.


Week 13 Reflection Part 2

This week I extremely enjoyed the fact that we had to do projects in stations because it brought back childhood memories. I forgot how it felt to have stations and build different things based on what we were learning in class. My favorite station was the station I was first started at, which was the house building. Even though my group seemed to struggle, it was fun to be randomly creative with it and just have fun. It gave us a break from all the notes and thinking we usually do in our block. The second day of class, on Thursday, we brought in all our creations and shared them among our group members and explain what we created and why.

The most interesting thing I learned during Thursday’s class was Quilling. When our professor introduced us to quilling, it was the most¬†intriguing concept I’ve seen. At first, I expected it to be some complicated form of art using very high-end materials, but I found out that quilling just need glue, construction paper and patience. The basic idea of quilling is to put the cut our paper on it’s side so that it gives the illusion of a pop-out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to start quilling during class, but started to do some outside of class for fun. It was difficult in the beginning, but got used to it later on. It was definitely worth the wait.

Week 13 Reflection Part 1

During our 13th week of ¬†classes, our professor introduced us to creative mini lesson’s that were very creative. It included team work, creativity, and enthusiasm. There were 4 stations: 1) building; collaboration, 2) cd cover 3) making hats 4) pop-up books. From each of these 4 stations, there were a lot of things that I learned, but I’ll name 3.

1) The first strategy I learned were to have stations. This way students will be engaged and curious for the next station that follows the station they are in. It also provides variety, so that way they won’t constantly have to do the same thing for hours and be bored with it.

2) The second strategy was to have a limited time. Even though limited time is never favored, I think it provides a good balance between projects. But, I’ll tweak it a bit and limit each station’s time by how long I think they need it by. For example: For station 1 where we had to build homes, we felt that 20 minutes was a bit too short and that maybe 30-35 minutes would’ve been better. The other stations we could’ve used less than 20 or at 20 which was fine.

3) Third and final strategy is to have a theme for each group. Title meaning how for station 1 was building, the theme was collaboration; to work together. It’s important to provide a theme so they know what to do and to learn to do that with their fellow classmates.

Week 12 Reflection

This week we finished up our last few touches on our movies and presented them all on Thursday March 29th. I enjoyed every movie that each group made because it was filled with humor, intentional or not, but either never failed to make me laugh and keep me entertained. I personally loved the group who had snow white as their fairy tale, their investigation like movie was clever, children appropriate, college appropriate and reached every requirement. Watching our groups movie was embarrassing only when it came to my part. Seeing myself up there was not something I’m used to. I am very proud of our video and it’s outcome because we surpassed our expectations on how we would start this film. There were some negative aspects in every movie, but it was only in the sense that it was not children appropriate. This was a perfect project to happen in groups because we got to spend time with one another and get to know each other a little better. It’s definitely a project that should continue for years to come to future education majors. It wasn’t much of a hassle and was easy to do only if you knew where to start.