Week 12 Reflection

This week we finished up our last few touches on our movies and presented them all on Thursday March 29th. I enjoyed every movie that each group made because it was filled with humor, intentional or not, but either never failed to make me laugh and keep me entertained. I personally loved the group who had snow white as their fairy tale, their investigation like movie was clever, children appropriate, college appropriate and reached every requirement. Watching our groups movie was embarrassing only when it came to my part. Seeing myself up there was not something I’m used to. I am very proud of our video and it’s outcome because we surpassed our expectations on how we would start this film. There were some negative aspects in every movie, but it was only in the sense that it was not children appropriate. This was a perfect project to happen in groups because we got to spend time with one another and get to know each other a little better. It’s definitely a project that should continue for years to come to future education majors. It wasn’t much of a hassle and was easy to do only if you knew where to start.


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