Week 13 Reflection Part 1

During our 13th week of  classes, our professor introduced us to creative mini lesson’s that were very creative. It included team work, creativity, and enthusiasm. There were 4 stations: 1) building; collaboration, 2) cd cover 3) making hats 4) pop-up books. From each of these 4 stations, there were a lot of things that I learned, but I’ll name 3.

1) The first strategy I learned were to have stations. This way students will be engaged and curious for the next station that follows the station they are in. It also provides variety, so that way they won’t constantly have to do the same thing for hours and be bored with it.

2) The second strategy was to have a limited time. Even though limited time is never favored, I think it provides a good balance between projects. But, I’ll tweak it a bit and limit each station’s time by how long I think they need it by. For example: For station 1 where we had to build homes, we felt that 20 minutes was a bit too short and that maybe 30-35 minutes would’ve been better. The other stations we could’ve used less than 20 or at 20 which was fine.

3) Third and final strategy is to have a theme for each group. Title meaning how for station 1 was building, the theme was collaboration; to work together. It’s important to provide a theme so they know what to do and to learn to do that with their fellow classmates.


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