Week 13 Reflection Part 2

This week I extremely enjoyed the fact that we had to do projects in stations because it brought back childhood memories. I forgot how it felt to have stations and build different things based on what we were learning in class. My favorite station was the station I was first started at, which was the house building. Even though my group seemed to struggle, it was fun to be randomly creative with it and just have fun. It gave us a break from all the notes and thinking we usually do in our block. The second day of class, on Thursday, we brought in all our creations and shared them among our group members and explain what we created and why.

The most interesting thing I learned during Thursday’s class was Quilling. When our professor introduced us to quilling, it was the most intriguing concept I’ve seen. At first, I expected it to be some complicated form of art using very high-end materials, but I found out that quilling just need glue, construction paper and patience. The basic idea of quilling is to put the cut our paper on it’s side so that it gives the illusion of a pop-out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to start quilling during class, but started to do some outside of class for fun. It was difficult in the beginning, but got used to it later on. It was definitely worth the wait.


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