Week 14 Reflection

This week we began our weblog presentations and our professor determined who would go when by drawing numbers, corresponding to our conference numbers, from a can. Fourteen, and was the 14th person to go, of us went and I thought all of our webquests were successful minus some of the small mistakes some of us made, but could be fixed in a snap. I was really proud for each any every one of us because we all knew and still are aware of the stress and the amount of effort we put into our webquests. Just thinking back the last two weeks working on it, I remember being completely confused where to start and what would be a good big idea to present to a class of young students. When I first started to edit my webquest on Wix, it was difficult because Wix had the tendency to lag a lot when moving things around and especially in typing. I had to organize everything on my text-edit to type fluently and just copy and paste it into my webquest. When I got up and was my turn to present, all the nervousness went away and being the last person picked to go was pure luck for me. I had the feeling of not minding to go Thursday, but at the same time I just wanted to get it over with. I’m proud that I have accomplished something that I thought I would never have ever done, especially as a future teacher, but it just added onto my list of accomplishments.


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